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HydroVolt TAPS

up to 800  gallons (3,000 liters) per day of potable water from seawater
up to 2,500 gallons (9,000 liters) per day of potable water from fresh water
transfer/pump 14,500 gallons (50,000 liters) per day

BODY: powder coated aluminum

Dimensions (L x W x H):
      ◦inches: 23 x 17 x 36
      ◦cm: 59 x 44 x 91

      ◦276 lbs (125 kg)

* external power source needed - 2.5 kW, 12 amps at max power usage





Each system is sold completely assembled and ready to deploy in minutes.The purification set up process requires inserting only 3 hoses using quick connect camlocks (heavy duty hoses included) into the unit and proper inlet and outlet source. Then simply select and engage power supply.

Power Generator Only Mode:
The generator is capable of simultaneously powering the unit and offers usable external electricity. It can also be used as stand alone power generator.

RO Water Maker/Purifier Mode:
Sea, brackish or nuclear/biologically/chemically contaminated water is processed using 7 stages which includes a reverse osmosis stage.

Filter Only Mode:
For less contaminated water sources, the reverse osmosis stage can be bypassed from the control panel increasing the output over 100% and extends the life of the RO membrane.

Pump Only Mode:
The powerful pump can transfer water at constant flow from 300 feet (91 meters). This mode can be used to clear out


standard deploy-ment package 

Two DX Hard Cover Deployment Cases 


Each unit includes two DX deployment cases. The 'wet' DX case is designed to protect and easily transport the intake pump and hoses.  The 'dry' DX case includes cables, water testing kit and basic accesories for each unit. 

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