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RAW DRIP project

Rural Access to Water & Disease Reduction Initiative Program. (RAW DRIP) By providing a program to purify existing contaminated water supplies in rural areas, the spread of dysentery, cholera and other diseases can be mitigated through the use of extremely portable, yet powerful purification equipment. 

The spread of water-borne diseases can be dramatically reduced by preventing rural populations from infecting large urban centers as evidenced by Haiti's cholera outbreak. African water well programs have provided water to communities but have become increasingly polluted. Cost efficiency of purifying existing sources will save relief organizations and charities capital which can be directed toward funding new programs instead of just delivering water shipments. 


The program seeks to advance innovation processes by combining a purification network and educational system designed to assist under-served rural communities who have not been provided the right tools to combat disease. Through education and use of specialized equipment, there will be a definitive impact on the number of infections within RAW DRIP locations.


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Thanks to the efforts of 

ANSA Technologies' HydroVolt product line can help
provide water to strategic locations throughout Africa



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