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TAPS Liberia

TAPS Liberia



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TAPS closed

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TAPS open panel



TAPS - TActical Purification System


As a water purification system designed to deliver pure water during any water emergency, TAPS can be used as a whole house system, offshore desalination, medical, military and humanitarian deployments as well as during any disaster relief water crisis. The unit is UNIVERSAL, works on 115V or 230V power supply. It produces 3,000 liters (800 gallons) a day of drinking water from seawater, 7,570 Liters (2,000 gallons) a day from fresh-water, filters over 13,250 LPD (3,500 GPD) from fresh water, and can transfer over 37,800 liters (10,000 gallons) a day for use in floods and rescue operations.

No priming required.

Set up and deployment in minutes.  

Draws source water at constant flow from 91 meters (300 feet).


CAPACITY (@ 220V, 25C, 77F)

Water Production Capacity

-RO Seawater: 3,000 LPD (800 GPD)

-RO Freshwater: 7,570 LPD (2,000 GPD)

Water Filtration Capacity

-Freshwater: 13,250 LPD (3,500 GPD)

Water Pump Capacity

-37,800 liters per day (10,000 GPD)




stage  1 & 2: particle pre filter
                      (ss, on intake pump)

stage  3: flushable, cleanable disc
                filter (30 micron)

stage  4: sediment filter (1 micron)

stage  5: carbon filter

stage  6: sanitation ultraviolet lamp
               (ss frame)

stage  7: reverse osmosis
               desalination membrane




-Four pressure gauges

-TDS display with water control regulator

-High pressure pump regulator

-Filtration water flowmeter

-Reverse osmosis water flowmeter




- Water quality monitoring and alarm

- Ultra violet light sterilization

- Intake pump auto shut off & restart

- Easy manual fresh water system flush procedures

- Stainless steel screen filters in Intake Pump

- UV Lamp usage counter




-powder coated aluminum

-stainless steel vents




-Intake: (2 x 1" camlock), 10m (32 ft.)

-Discharge: (2 x 1" camlock), 10m (32 ft.)

-Pure Water: (2 x camlock), 5m (16 ft.) 

-Extended Range: (2 x 1" camlock), 10m (32 ft.)

-Connectors: Camlock on both ends of each hose, Military Standard Camlocks MIL-C-27487 (A-A-59326)

-Heavy Duty Hoses (20 bar/ 290 psi)

-Flush hose: quick connect with screen filter





-universal 115V/230V switchable

-2.5 kW, 18 amps at max power usage




Dimensions (L x W x H)

-cm: 59 x 44 x 91

-inches: 23 x 17 x 36


-97 kg, 213 lbs

Noise (RO Only)

-50 dB(A) @ 23 feet




Dimensions (L x W x H)

-cm: 89 x 18 x 38

-inches: 35 x 7 x 15


-'Wet' Case: 23 kg, 51 lbs

-'Dry' Case: 12 kg, 26 lbs


- ABS plastic, aluminum fixtures, stainless steel vent grilles (2)




- Auto shut off & restart

- Voltage load protection

- Freeze protection




- Max head: 61m, 150'

- Max run: 91m, 300'

- Pump body material: stainless steel

- Dimensions  L x W: 13 x 89 cm  (5” x 35”)

- Weight (with cable): 12 kg/ 26 lbs.

- Cable length: 10m/32'



1. RO Water Maker/Purification Mode: Sea, brackish or nuclear/biologically/chemically contaminated water is processed using 7 stages which includes a reverse osmosis stage.

2. Filter Only Mode: For less contaminated water sources, the reverse osmosis stage can be bypassed from the control panel increasing the output to 13,250 liters (3,500 gallons) a day and extends the life of the RO membrane.

3. Pump Only Mode: The powerful delivery pump can transfer over 37,800 liters (10,000 gallons) of water a day. This mode can be used to clear out flooded areas, provide showers, and rinse off equipment.




- Rapidly deployed, rugged and portable, fits inside any SUV and most vehicle trunks

- User-friendly controls and ergonomics make it safe for homes, shelters, communities and water distribution centers

- Capable of effectively removing potentially hazardous concentrations of chemical and biological agents and certain radioactive nuclear by-products

- Operates on external power sources  (115V or 230V switchable, the unit is universal)

- Submersible multistage intake pump (115V or 230V)

- Rust and corrosion resistant intake pump sleeve with handle for convenient portability and protection from debris, rough terrain and potential underwater impacts

- Intake pump can operate from vertical to horizontal position

- Weather-resistant enclosed frame allows unit operation in any environment, temperature controlled fan protects the high pressure pump from overheating

- Optimum purification and flow design

- Safety protection protocols for water quality, poor quality product water is automatically redirected to waste hose

- Easy access to filters

- Quick connect membrane/high pressure pump flushing

- UV Lamp usage counter 

- Water testing kit (TDS, pH, Temp, Free Chlorine)  allows operators to test water source for best and safest product water

- Intake pressure controller allows for any incoming water source (ie, garden hose, cold water supply to house/restaurant/hotel for all year water purification)

- Designed for portability, durability and long shelf life,

- 4 frame-handles for lifting onto vehicles

- separate deployment case with handle for accessories (intake pump, hoses, power cords, water testing kit)

- Flush Pump: 3.8LPM (1GPM), silent and can run dry


Each unit comes with the following installed:

- mesh screen sleeve

large particle sleeve

sediment and carbon filters

UV Lamp 


- Camlock cover caps (3 in total)



2 DX Hard Cover Deployment Cases:
Each system comes with two DX deployment cases ( ABS and aluminum).


'DRY' DX Case includes: 

- water testing kit

- AC power to unit cord (10m)

- extended range extension cable (10m)

- QC Camlock to garden hose adapter

- filter wrench

- plug adapter (GS-18 and SS-417 type)

- user manual

- quick reference user guide

- source water evaluation sheet

- intake pump floater with stainless steel chains



'WET' DX Case includes: 

- stainless steel high flow double screen intake pump with cable (10m)

- intake hose (10m)

- discharge hose (10m)

- pure water hose (5m)

- extended range extension hose (10m)

- system flush/CIP hose with screen







- vertical / horizontal operating position submersible stainless steel pump with handle and stainless steel/polyamide body

- motor: stainless steel (DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301) (ANSI 304)

- intake pump diameter: 16cm (6.3") with handle, 13cm (5") without handle

- can feed water to AQN/SQN/AQS system at a range of over 90 meters (300 feet)

- pumps water out of flooded spaces at 10 gallons (38 liters) per minute ( with 220V model and up to 14 gallons per minute with 110V model)

- 1" Camlock installed for easy and quick connection to intake hose

- pumps down to 3 inches

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